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Capital Adventures
August 10th, 2006
03:39 pm
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I have a new toy! Isn't it Seriously Cute! It also doubles as transport! 

I collected it last Saturday, and after a putter around the carpark next to to Scooter-shop, ventured into the central
 Wellington one way system. Fortunately, having no particular destination in mind paid off as whichever lane I 
happened to end up in at the time could be designated the correct lane, and I went for a bit of a random trip, up 
towards Victoria University, then back down to the waterfront, round Oriental parade to Cog Park, where, I am 
happy to report, there is a Cog. From there, back into town via the Mt Vic tunnel, then to the Mediterranean Food 
Warehouse in Newtown, where sweet fizzy red wine and halva were procured.  (Flatmate Kirsty liked the wine but was 
less enthusiastic about the halva). 

Due again to getting in the wrong  a random lane, I ended up going up Mt Vic. At the top of Mt Vic there were various 
memorials and lookouts,  an assortment of becameraed- tourists, and a hippy-housebus-espresso-wagon owned 
by a rather nice English  chap who used to own Lambrettas back in the UK.
So I bought a coffee and we leaned on the fence chatting about scooter-related topics, while a subset of the tourists 
checked out the new bike. :D I like owning a vehicle that people check out!

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