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Ten spheroids

It's not often that I wish for more camera, but I am starting to compile a shopping list for one in the back of my brain. I'd like the option of storing my shots in a non-lossy format - my current camera only records jpegs, and you can see jpeg artifacts of 4-6 pixels in size. I get around that by scaling almost all of my pictures down - essentially throwing away half the resolution. Otherwise, this would have been cropped a whole lot closer. I'd also like the ability to get closer - possibly to the point of true macro, but I get the idea that that would take solid support and probably extra light as well.

There are a few lot of other things that my inner control-freak is crying out for but the trade off will be a camera that I can't fit in my handbag, or for that matter, currently afford.
Tags: macro, vegetation, weather
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