Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Reticent Kiwis are not reticent

New Zealanders are, as a rule, pretty shy and retiring. In a crowd, we all want to be at the back. At a parade you have a bunch of people on the side of the road looking, as if ashamed to be caught staring, at a bunch of people in costumes on floats who are waving in a slightly embarrassed way back.
So what we have here is unusual. Weird even. This is body movies, an interactive artwork which consists of a selection images of people projected onto a wall, which are then washed out by a couple of intense floodlights at ground level.  People can reveal the images by  casting shadows on the wall. Or they can do other stuff.
I would have expected most of my compatriots to carefully walk behind the floods, avoiding the limelight. Instead I saw shadow plays, impromptu dances, improvised puppets, giants teasing dwarves (and vice versa), multi-limbed creatures, strangers playing games...... Not just from the art-and-drama-school extroverts but from ordinary Kiwis of all ages who really don't do that kind of thing.

If you're in Wellington and haven't been yet - go. It's really cool.
Tags: architecture, art, people, wellington
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