Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Yay - at long last, an update

I've been slack. Blame  KoL.

I'm going to Christchurch tomorrow. And thence to Fuego! Not  Tierra del Fuego , which would be fun, but Fuego the party which will also be fun.

Work has also become vastly more interesting, as I have been handed a new project, which probably will not invlove as much colouring in of maps. This project is even vaguely related to where I wanted to go with my Ph.D studies ( I had wanted to try to make spectral measurements of particulate pollutants in the boundry layer)......... Wierd. I'd about given up on that. Anyway, my task is to update and improve the vehicle fleet model used in the analysis of the amount of emissions from road based transport. The guy from the Environment team is enthusiastic to the point of gushy-ness and seems extremely delighted to have the attentions of the Research and Stats team, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and wanted.  The Research and Stats team is, I think, affected by a moderate case of new problem-itis, which is where a new issue or project seems fascinating in the stages before you actually have to do any work on it. This is closely related to 'somebody else's project syndrome', which is where everybody else's work seems so much more interesting than your own....

The two dollar desk is almost finished. It would have been finished weeks ago, except that i got a little too overenthusiastic with the linseed oil, and it ran. I had to wait untill it dried, which takes forever, then sand most of it off again with very fine sandpaper. Half sanded now. 
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