Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

This way out

The end of the track is about 300 metres lower than the beginning. The vegetation gets taller and denser and eventually closes in overhead, providing some much welcome shade for the interminable last hour. The track is not steep, but does have many steps in it. Department of Conservation steps seem to vary between about 5 and 30 cm too tall. We're getting heartily sick of steps. Cara's shoes have given up the ghost, and she's wearing Claire's jandals.

This is the last of the Tongariro Crossing series - I have a couple more shots worth posting, but they  didn't really fit nicely into the chronological sequence I've done here. There are, for instance, a couple of Ngauruhoe well lit rather than in silhouette, and one or two of ridge lines that are somewhat abstract. They may appear at some stage, but I'm feeling the need to get back into the city now.

Two weeks later - my feet have fully recovered and I'd be up to do the Crossing again, or a similar trip. Maybe next year.

Tags: tongariro crossing

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