Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

An update on the two dollar desk, flatmates and bird 'flu.

The two-dollar desk received two coats of linseed oil over the weekend. It's looking good, with the oil darkening all of the distressed bits. Fortunately the stuff dries quickly enough that I was able to bring it back inside before the weather packed in, and it doesn't smell so much that the flatmates have complained to my face. 
Speaking of flatmates, and complaints I came home late Friday to find what I initially thought was some sort of crustacean but actually turned out to be a  Large Weta, drowned in my favorite coffee mug. With its antennae sticking out. I bitched mildly and was informed that said weta was found in the electric jug, and was probably there when I last had a cup of tea the previous night...... Lovely. Flatmate could have used own coffee mug to store the weta at least.

So has anybody done anything about a bird 'flu pandemic protection kit? No? While oiling the desk I was listening to an interview on what should be in ones bird 'flu survival kit, and the excellent point was made that one should only buy stuff one already knows how to cook, and that one actually likes. The point wasn't made, and I think that its probably quite important, that one should avoid the low fat - low calorie versions of stuff. Think about it. If you are living on short rations, recovering from illness, and possibly doing unexpected physical exercise looking after others - you're going to want the extra energy. 

And if I don't get around to compiling the ultimate survive-nuclear-winter kit - I wonder how much protein there is in a Large Weta. 

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