Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Tomatoes and other stuff.


Oh boy. It's been a overwhelming few weeks.

I have had a second (and final) oophrectomy. We were going to try and save a bit of my one remaining ovary, but once the surgeon got in there and had a look, everything was just too messy to disentangle. I got to see the pictures afterwards, and I can see why she did what she chose to do.
This means that I am currently going through surgical menopause. I've been given some HRT, and physically I seem to be ok. The jury is still out on where I'm going to end up mentally. I guess that one upside of adjusting my endocrine system from the outside rather than just relying on what my f---ed-up insides choose to provide is that we have the option of hitting that with a big hammer. The downside seems to be that it's only a big hammer - fine tuning seems to be a bit iffy. I'm also not too sure what to make of suddenly being infertile - it's not like I had any concrete plans to have kids, but to have the option removed. I don't know.

And all this time, my tomatoes, neglected when I went to Auckland in December/January, have sprawled across the garden since I wasn't here to stake them up. I continued to neglect them, and now they're producing. Heaps. Anyone want tomatoes?


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