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Capital Adventures
June 3rd, 2012
08:40 pm
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Bike Lane

In other news, my bike is stuffed, and so am I. I haven't been sleeping well - I just can't seem to find a comfortable temperature or position. This probably means that I need to get some exercise but I am in an advanced state of don't wanna.

My bike, after a month of not being used has simply refused to start. Turns over, but no ignition. I suspect that the spark plug is gunged up, and I could probably have a go at fixing it myself, but I don't know exacly hoe one is supposed to get at the damn thing and again that state of don't wanna. If Garth comes over to reclaim his couch tomorrow I'll get him to take a look at it, otherwise I'll call Kevin the Mechanic on Tuesday. Monday we celebrate the birth of the current Monarch, which mostly amounts to many businesses not being open and Maryanne getting a day off.


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