Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,


I've checked my user info, and I find I have some new friends. Kia ora.

xiphias, hi. I followed a link from micheinnz to your halloween post and found some things there that made sense to me. I don't post nearly as eloquently as you do, but I hope you enjoy my pictures.

kalashnikovy and yobubba, I think I recognise you both from photographers. I tend to post the pictures I think I've really done well on both here and there, but here I give them more commentary. In photographers I like to get feedback unbiased by anything I might say. Here I've set myself the task of one image a day, and some of the pictures are not as strong.  Some of them are intended more to document things in my life and others are pointed fairly directly at individuals on my friends list.
Please feel free to comment on anything that interests you either here or there.

kalashnikovy, I'm afraid that I am limited to English, with enough Maori and German to almost get myself into trouble.
If you comment, if you could comment in English, I'd be most grateful, otherwise I'll have to give it to the tender mercies of the Babelfish.
Tags: welcome
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