Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

The good, the bad...... flat hunting in Wellington.

We'll start with the ugly, shall we?

Wellington has two university campuses (Campii?) and an unknown number of private training institutions, which means that at this time of year there are many student dives looking for potential rent payers. These edifices may contain upwards of 7 denizens. Rents lurk around $120 per week, for which you'd expect a pretty nice place in Christchurch. Ha Ha.

Ugly #1 proved to be halfway down Allenby Tce, which is not a road in the usual sense of the word, so much as a rope ladder suspended over a cliff. Halfway up this rope ladder is a damp, dark, aging, mansion, with potentially nine residents, one bathroom, and 1/2 a kitchen. Oh and a smattering of kitchenettes, which appear to be a sink plus a place to plug in a jug. Oh and its full of discarded, deceased furniture and other more obscure items more at home at the dump.

Ugly #2 had a more interesting background. Apparently an ex-embassy with an exclusive address on Oriental Parade, this residence also has nine residents. It has far more than nine rooms, however, with a fair proportion of the unused ones being subterranean. These are apparantly used for band practice, partying, and keeping the beer fridge in. Pity about the horrible lurking assorted bad smells and skungy bathrooms (two this time, at least).
Also a pity about the view of the back side of an apartment building, where the sea should be.

The bad is more of a general whinge about flat hunting on foot in Wellington, which seems to have an average gradient of 1 in 1. Do people here plan their journeys on foot in terms of change of potential? I love you, Christchurch, where you have to go looking for hills! My poor feet!

Good #1 was a little pseudo-georgian townhouse, not too far up a hill. Prettily, and recently, decorated with a friendly indian librarian, and a med student. I didn't get this flat, but was able to pass the address on to Katja, a German postgrad law student I met at ugly #2 (she was more polite about it than I was) .

I can see good #1 from good #2, my new flat up the hill (groan) just above the green belt in Brooklyn.
I have a brilliant, huge room, which appears to be a more recent addition to an older house. There is an enormous window, about 2m X 2m, looking over Wellington harbor, and the view - I could and have raved about it just a little too much. ;) Flatties are nice, and often not here, the kitchen is clean and has a gas stove, the deck and garden are sheltered and pleasant, and there are two bathrooms for the four of us. And nothing smells bad.

I'm delighted. Pictures will follow.
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