Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

I now have a new hobby and a new pair of shoes. Leaving the house without spending money is difficult, but maybe having something to actually do at home will help with that.

The shoes are excessively cute. They are from India and have much metallic thread embroidery and toes that curl up at the end. They are also Immensely Impractical and did I mention Cute.

The new hobby appears to be furniture restoration, which saw me making nasty toxic brown slime out of paint stripper and old varnish yesterday afternoon. I then ran out of paint stripper......
The current plan is to carefully strip all of the varnish, fill some of the nastier looking damage, leave some of the more picturesque damage, make a cover for the hole where the drawer should be[1] and then finish with linseed oil[2].

[1] My tool kit is not quite up to drawers. Neither are my joinery skills. This solution will allow the possibility of replacing the drawer at some time in the future.

[2] I do know that leaving linseed oil wadded up on cotton rags in the garage is a Bad Idea.[3]

[3] Not, however from personal experience. Learning from other's mistakes is definitely the way to go where spontaneous combustion is involved. ;)
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