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Capital Adventures
December 17th, 2011
10:26 pm
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7.13pm. A wet Friday on Cuba.

So if I'm going to be moving in the new year, I'll need to sort and pack my accumulated Stuff. Yes, Stuff, with a capital S. A lot of this Stuff is assorted craft supplies left over from various projects, kept because as soon as you chuck something out, you discover that you actually needed it after all. My standard operating procedure has been to chuck it in a box and stick it in on a shelf or on the floor. This, of course, resulted in a disorganised tangle of threads, ribbons, fake flowers, scraps of fabric, drawing instruments, feathers, rarely used cables and innumerable other bits.
Today I dumped it all out on the floor in a pile, sorted through it, chucked a fair amount out and categorised the rest. Yeah, it went back into boxes, but they're all labelled and fit on the designated shelf now, along with the Box of Adhesives and the Box of Sharp Things.

Next thing to sort is the pile of large fabric scraps. I feel that the task before me is not small, but is surmountable.


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