Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

A steriotypical Wellington day

Yep. A nasty southerly whipping up the country, driving thin fronts at a rate of about one every 1.5 hours. Cold, cold rain. So I stayed in bed all morning, reading a book[1].

In the afternoon, going a little stir crazy, I set out to investigate the 2nd hand furniture[2] shops over the ridge in Newtown. Up a hill and down a hill, and halfway down the hill I met a bloke loading furniture into his car. I commiserated with him about moving in this horrible weather, and we ended up chatting about map drawers and wether the recycling centre would take back stuff they had originally sold. I opined that they would, and asked if the solid wooden[3] desk out on the pavement was also destined for the same miserable fate. Said I'd offer some cash for it if he'd drop round to my place....

Long story short, I am now the proud posessor of one desk, missing a drawer, and which could do with stripping back and refinishing, but a nice simple piece of furniture, the likes of which I have been completely unable to find in the furniture stores - for the grand total of $2 and a cup of tea.

[1]Cordelia's Honor, by Lois McMaster Bujold. Some of you may have infected me I mean heard of it.

[2]Saw a really nice 60's vintage chase longue. Unfortunately it was recently reupholstered in white vinyl and orange fake-suede. Accurate for the period, comfortable shape for curling up with a book - but somehow just not me. Could suit Sarah M, but her hair would probably clash with the orange cushions, and the style with her 50's wardrobe.

[3]Rimu, I think. Not 100% sure.
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