Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Concluding the mystery

The judging for the In The Bag challenge was held earlier this evening. I came second in the Mystery category by popular vote, and got the Judges choice both with this shot, which it seems I neglected to show you with the rest of them, and an honourable mention for the set as a whole. Given that last year's format played completely to my strengths in being a set of quirky still-life style pics, and this theme totally didn't, being portraiture of a sort, I think that's an incredibly good result.

Many many thanks to my models also - this was great fun for me, and I think it was for them too.

In other news, the disruption to my sleep patterns, such as they are and what there is of 'em meant that I didn't get any coffee today, which means I have a thumping headache now. I think it might be time to cut back on the caffeine a bit, but not cold turkey like this.
Tags: mystery project, people
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