Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

One sunny day

The first decent weekend day in quite some time, and the residents of Wellington get outside and eat icecream. It seems a little unreal to think of Christchurch being under a state of emergency.

I went home to find that friends there were slowly reporting in, mostly via Facebook, as power, phone and internet has been restored. I spoke to shoobear via Skype while aftershocks went on in the background. Another friend reports that the 'quake fixed his stuck garage door, and is planning a movie night tonight featuring either Earthquake or 2012. Tasteful, what.

More seriously, from the news, the sewerage system is out, and water is contaminated - boiling is recommended. Many houses are uninhabitable, the occupants have been evacuated, and the central city is a mess. Although the weather has been cooperative today, it's going to turn nasty overnight, and there are worries about the effect of the winds on destabilised structures.
It's going to be expensive to clean up, but no lives have been lost.
Tags: christchurch, waterfront, wellington
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