Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Thank you, helpdesk-monkey...

...for so condecendingly sneering "Well you've been waitlisted, darlin'."

I knew that - I was trying to get some feeling for how long this aformentioned waitlist was, and how rapidly it turned over. No-one seemed to know what a reasonable estimation of the waiting time would be, and no, "Anything between one day and six months" doesn't count as a reasonable estimation. "We don't know - this hasn't happened to us in your area before." would have been both the truth as far as I can tell, and an acceptable answer. I had been given two different stories as to when the updated list would be available, (Yesterday and next Tuesday.) and was beginning to wonder whether you lot were capable of finding your collective posterior with both hands and a map. 

Without that, I probably wouldn't have required my call to be escalated to your manager, who,  after reviewing the call and deciding that you were out of line, also went on to look into what was happening on our line and discovered that there's a possibility that we have not been disconnected cleanly, and that our port was probably still available after all. Here's hoping...

In the meantime I have purchased a prepaid cell-modem.    
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