Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Not insurmountable mistakes

Is surmountable a word? Or perhaps uninsurmountable? (Heh, inline spellcheck says yes to the former and no to the latter.)
I abhor drawing attention to my mistakes and imperfections but I have learned a whole lot from the mistakes others have shared online and elsewhere.
Here, I have laid out the boning on the corset in the order they have to go in, and I find that some of the spiral steel bones are a smidge too long, and the solid white boning for the centre back is almost a couple of inches too short. I checked the order and short one turns out to have been a mis-click. The spiral steel ones are all what I ordered, but with the slight alterations as I've gone along and subsequent trimming of top and bottom to even the edges out, they've ended up a few millimetres too long in places. I'll just skip over them carefully when I stitch the binding on. The short ones are a bit more annoying. I'm just going to use them, and hope they work all right. If they don't, it's relatively trivial to take them out and replace them, but I can't get them locally and shipping is prohibitive. (2.80 UKP or 17 CDN for components worth a couple of dollars and weighing a few grams. Ouch.)
Lessons learned: err on the shorter side when ordering boning, because trimming will probably occur, but not stupidly short.

In other news, the date went wonderfully, and is the reason for no pic of yesterday.
Tags: clothing, crafts

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