Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

In one piece

Having the entire garment all together in one piece is always a good milestone to pass. It also allowed me to try it on, more or less and discover that it might be a little on the large side - I've unpicked a couple of the seams and taken each of them in 1/4 inch (The pattern, being American, is in inches, so I'm just going with that.) and using a whole inch seam allowance in the back. I know I've been shedding weight, but I don't think I've lost that much since making the mockup. Best that the laces have some work to do though.

Now I need to topstitch the seams and create the boning channels - one at each seam, and one in the centre of each panel, but I really need darker thread than the stuff I've been using. I'll probably replace the top stitching along the busk as well.

I'll backtrack a little and give you a blow by blow of fitting the busk tomorrow, but I really don't have the time or energy to do it justice now. In other news, somethimes OK Cupid gets it right. (Heck, something had to go well for me this week!)
Tags: clothing, corset, crafts
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