Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,


Lining the lining. The pink silk is insubstantial, and although I don't intend to lace this thing up super-tight-bondage style, it's still going to be under a certain amount of stress, so I'm reinforcing the pink lining with a layer of unbleached calico. I'm wondering whether I shouldn't have gone for something even heavier - a drill or denim perhaps, but we'll see how this goes for now, and I can always take it apart and remake it differently if it all goes to custard.

A question - are you, dear readers/watchers, enjoying seeing this process, or are you hanging out for some non-corset related pics? I've mostly been doing this because the weather has been terrible for outside photography, and this has my interest at the moment, but I'd hate to think I was boring you.
Tags: clothing, corset, crafts
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