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Capital Adventures
July 14th, 2010
08:55 pm
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Something you don't see often - a man bellydancing. It was fascinating to see our moves masculinised. I also think I saw some kung-fu and competitive aerobics influences in his moves. Very cool!

In other news, I have not one, but two flatmates moving on in the next couple of weeks, and you all know how much I enjoy flatmate hunting. I've been window-shopping on Trade-me for one or two bedroom domiciles - I feel that I am tantalisingly close to being able to afford my own little shoebox somewhere not too far out of town, but I know that without another year or three of saving I'd be in serious danger of overextending myself. It's also annoying to think that if I had a partner who was in about the same financial position as I am, we'd be able to get something quite nice easily.

I think it's time to stop daydreaming for a while and concentrate on something a bit more realistic like watching an episode or two of Doctor Who.

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