Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Some day my prints will come...

...out right.

There are a couple of competitions coming up at WPS, one for projected images and one for prints. I can't enter the same images in both so I thought I'd better have a go at printing some potential entries. Initial results have been disappointing. Bottom left and centre are both tight crops and have jpeg artefacts evident at this size and resolution, but they'll be fine as projected images. The moon is a pretty picture of the moon, but I've lost contrast in the hills below. Top centre just looks grubby in the print. The shell works, and I think Daedalus (he's too hesitant to be Icarus) can be persuaded to work, but has come out too dark this time, probably because my monitor is a) of poor quality and b) was set too bright for the ambient light when I was preparing the image.

In other annoyances, Spotlight, a large warehouse-like craft store notable mostly for abysmal customer service and ultra low staff levels and morale has decided not to provide small bags for purchases, ostensibly to save the planet. You can have a large plastic bag, or no bag. This is a store that sells loose buttons, beads, trim and ribbon by the metre, embroidery threads, and any number of other items that are either easily lost or need to be kept clean. Damn right, I'm going to take a large bag over no bag at all, but I'd much prefer a small paper bag to either.
Tags: art
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