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More experiments with light and shadow.

Now because this would otherwise be a very short post, five words from morlith. It's taken me over a week to get around to them, because I was frankly stumped by the first one, but here goes...

It seems to be a pretty fundamental drive amongst humans, to ornament and manipulate, often without purpose, ourselves and our surroundings. Maybe its a function of our species' hypertrophied pattern recognition and communication abilities.
I certainly share that drive to create, to share and to make even such things as prosaic as spreadsheets attractive, or at least not jarring to look at.

Which isn't to say that all art is, or should be, attractive. That's a whole other discussion in and of itself.

Strobist info: Thermonuclear reactor 150 million km to photographer's right.
You gotta love sunlight, it's free, abundant at least half the time, not a weird colour, is needed for food to grow, helps prevent Seasonal Affective Depression and lets me see where I'm going.

As far as the photography goes, I mostly use sunlight because I don't own any strobes yet. That will be remedied in the medium term.

I am a physicist by training and inclination. I am learning other ways of understanding the world, but physics is where I start.

A Japanese martial art I used to be pretty accomplished at, but haven't practised in quite a while.

At work I spend an awful lot of time in my head. I've burned out from that before, when I was at University, and I have since found that I need to do something physical to balance that out. Dance of one kind or another fills that niche nicely. Also I have a taste for music from cultures outside my own.

Anyone else want five words?
Tags: light and magic
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