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Capital Adventures
October 2nd, 2007
07:05 pm
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Deploying solar collectors

Getting home today, I was confronted with an enormous power bill. Seriously, some three times what it usually is. I rang up the power co, and apparently they had to fire a large number of their meter-readers for some sort of negligence or incompetence. Said meter readers then went 'Bugger this for a game of soldiers' and left without completing their contracts. :(  Contact Energy is therefore playing power-bill catch-up, and their poor wee CSR has been fielding calls like mine all week.

So, feeling peevish and uninspired, and with the light fading fast, I stepped outside to find a pic-of-the-day. Took 7 frames. Three were blurred to unusability, because macro, wind and low light ( = slow shutter) don't mix well. Here's one in which the light meter was fooled by a bright background.  A severe crop and more image processing than I generally like to  use retrieved this image.

I have also figured out what the clone brush actually does.

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