Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Planes. Not intersecting.

I have been junk shopping. I bought
  • a copy of Approaching Photography by Paul Hill for $15 from the Salvation Army thrift shop
  • an object of about 5cm by 5cm which looks like it may have been used for printing, It consists of a metal plate nailed to a wooden block and is stained with ink. The illustration is of two aikidoka, nage is wearing a hakama, uke just a gi. I'm sure I've seen this illustration in a book somewhere and I've no idea how this object would have ended up in the Sallies thrift shop. $10.
  • a badge to add to the growing collection on my bag strap. I have a suave octopus, a strange stone face, a whimsical insect riding an equally whimsical arthropod, a happy road-cone and now a piece of taupe fabric with two embroidered silver stars on it. $4.
These planes I left where I found them, in the David White gallery, which appears to contain the leavings of about ten year's worth of estate sales. I picked up a copy of the 1950-something Girls' Monster Annual there, inscribed to Edith, but I put it back down again as there didn't appear to be any actual monsters in it.
Tags: objects
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