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I'm off to Auckland tomorrow for a conference, flying out at stupid-o'clock tomorrow morning, which means that I have to be at the airport at even-stupider-o'clock, which compounded by daylight savings time means that I should probably just go to bed now. Because of this, my boss told me to get my time recording done for the month (yet another startling work of fiction) and leave a couple of hours early. I took the opportunity to buy tea for Mum and to go to the Yayoi Kusama Mirrored years exhibition. One of her motifs is large scale immersive works featuring spots, and the outside of the City Gallery has been decorated appropriately. I have to say, her mind is an interesting place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. If you're in Welly, I'd say go, but I'd think I'd advise against any recreational chemistry beforehand.

Camera and laptop will be going with me - I was going to leave the DSLR here but have been asked to play papparazzi for the Ministry in house publication and get some snaps of the Minister and Chief Executive speechifying at the conference opening. I don't know what time or connectivity will be available for blogging - I'm hoping the hotel will have not-too-expensive internet, but I may be away from LJ until I go to my parents place on Friday.
Tags: architecture, art, city
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