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Say "Words!" in a comment and I'll give you five words that make me think of you. Tell me about them in a post in your journal.

A martial art I used to be quite good at. I haven't trained for years, but I am still confident that I could fall over without damaging myself too much, which is a really useful skill to have.

A city sited on a former swamp, notable for being a) flat and b) the place I went to university for far too long. It has extraordinary weather.

An excellent excuse for maintaining an extensive stash of lovely, lovely fabric and trims and stuff. Also, a means of obtaining clothes that better approximate the shape of my body than the ones that are generally available in shops.

The smallest possible vehicle that meets all of my transport needs and a good 95% of my transport desires.
It is almost axiomatic in the field of transport research that generally people choose the type of vehicle they do they do for the sort of trips that they take least often. I decided not to do that. Besides, it's seriously cute.

Wellington. A city sited on a major fault-line, notable for being a) not flat and b) New Zealand's capital, and therefore the place one is most likely to live if one is employed as a public servant. It also has extraordinary weather.
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