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....I am a free tree!

Well, not actually. Central Park, for all that it looks like a bit of scrubby bush abandoned in the middle of the city, is I think fairly carefully managed. All the trees over a certain size are labelled like this, and I suspect the plan is to replace them with indigenous species as they fall naturally. For now, though, the sides of the gully are held together by maritime pines and gum trees.

In other news, I'm about 85% certain that the power supply fault in my laptop is located in the socket. Either the springy bit is not maintaining a good contact with the plug, or whatever it's attached to inside is broken - it does move a bit when poked, which is not, I think, a good sign when it comes to moderately expensive electronics. I have this annoying urge to take the back off and see (and possibly fix) whatever is wrong, but don't want to wreck my machine while I'm about it, so I'm looking thoughtfully at my bank account with ideas of buying a replacement and then having a go at fixing this one.

Spending ~$1500 or so to enable me to happily fix a probably $2 part really doesn't seem right somehow.
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