Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Max and Mum

Max at 7 weeks. I have been told that all babies look like Winston Churchill.

I went vege shopping (yes I got broccoli) with Charlotte and Max, and then had lunch with the two of them and Glyn. Lunch was mini quiche followed by custard squares, which were advertised as being the best* custard squares in Wellington. This lead to musings as to where the custard square originated.

A custard square is baked custard between two layers of pastry with coconut icing on the top. The idea of custard in pastry seems pretty common in French cooking, but the actual product - a wobbly yellow square lump on a plate - seems somehow (apologies to UK foodies, I'm sure it's not all like this) more quinessentially British. The possibility does exist that this is actually a purely New Zealand phenomenon, but I wouldn't put it past the Aussies to have nicked it and claimed it as their own at some stage.

So, here I am calling for Custard Square Sightings. Are they to be found, dear reader, in your neck of the woods?

*Our verdict was probably not. The custard itself was excellent, heavy and creamy, but the pastry resembled weetbix in texture, the icing was not coconut and there was an inexplicable fake cherry on the top. Actually, come to think of it, the cherry may be partially explained by it being a German bakery.

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