Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Further adventures in marshmallowland

1.25 cups of strong tea, peppermint this time.

2 cups of sugar, half a cup of the tea, more green food colouring than you might guess. Boil it enthusiastically, 'till the soft ball stage. Add 2 Tbsp of gelatin to the rest of the tea.

Add the gelatin to the syrup. Beat and beat and beat and beat, until worried the stuff will set in the pot.

Pour into a slice pan lined with baking paper, or if you've forgotten to buy baking paper, tinfoil, dusted with icing sugar so the mix doesn't stick too badly. It will set in a couple of hours, at which point you can turn it out of the pan, peel off the foil and slice it into cubes. Roll the cubes in icing sugar/cornflour mixture so they don't stick together.
Tags: food, recipe
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