Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Dead of Winter

and it's only just started.

A post today - the poster will remain nameless, as I have twitted him enough for one day - reminded me of a conversation I had with a Japanese woman some years ago when I was still practising Aikido in Christchurch. She visited our dojo and trained with us, and afterwards I gave her a lift back to her accommodation. Her English was - well - better than my Japanese, which is not saying much, and heavily accented.
In the car she says "Your Aikido is so sick".

At the time I was not aware of the skater-subculture use of the word "sick" to mean "awesome" or I would have just said something like "thanks, so's yours", and this story would have been much shorter, and arguably less interesting. Instead I said "I didn't think I was that bad".

"No, no, not bad. Good." she said. "Slick."

"Slick. Slick's good. Thanks!" I thought it a bit of an odd compliment, but whatever, I was pleased.

"No, not slick. Schick. Mean arrogant."

"Arrogant? Are you sure? " When I've been called arrogant in the past, it hadn't been intended as a pleasantry.

"Noooo schick. Is French. Means eregant."

"Ohhhh" Light dawned. "You mean chic. Thats really lovely. Thanks!"

One of the most convoluted compliments I've ever been on the recieving end of. Also one of the nicest.
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