Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Most asian boys, they buy a vehicle and then they lower it

Not my ex. Granted he didn't actually raise this one, it was already raised when he bought it. He did stick taller tyres on it though. Driving it on the open road in a Canterbury Nor-wester was somewhat reminiscent of steering a square rigged sailing ship*. Surprisingly for something so quintessentially British, most of the time it actually worked, albeit using only 7 out of 8 cylinders until a valve grind operation was performed in the middle of the living room. That seemed normal at the time.
This is the vehicle that prompted me to buy my first car, as I found myself reaching for the handbrake to do a hill start while looking up through the steering wheel and operating the pedals with my extended toes. At that point I decided that this probably wasn't the right vehicle to be learning to drive in, despite the excellent views it gave across the top of the targets other traffic, so I bought the purple-people-eater, a 1984 Toyota Corolla, or as my brother would have it, a granny-car. No matter, I could reach the pedals in it and about six months later actually passed my practical driver's licence test in it. Also, all 4 cylinders worked, and I could fill the petrol tank and afford to eat more than rice and salt.

*Yes, yes I have.
Tags: dim and distant past, objects, vehicles
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