Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,


Once again, my magpie nature gets the better of me. Oh well - it was from Trade Aid and I needed - needed I tell you - something chunky and gold.

In other news, Charlotte (hi Charlotte) has agreed to sit for some preggy-belly portraits. Me shoot an actual person, when she's actually expecting it and everything?!? That'll be a new and interesting experience. I think I'd better do some reading - anybody have any favourite references to recommend?
Tags: objects

  • Crane Fly

    Leggy, but harmless. I wonder what evolutionary advantage the legs provide - they mostly look clumsy and vulnerable to damage.

  • Flight

    So I've had occasion to go back through some of my photos recently. I'm actually pretty good at this and I should get the hell over my current…

  • Duck

    Heh. Birds eye view.

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