May 20th, 2009


Has anyone seen this picture?

Checking my image stats on photobucket, I find that someone on myspace has hotlinked to this image. I can't find exactly where though. I knew when I started putting pics up in public that this was a real possibility, but I find that I'm more pissed off about this than I expected to be. Thing is, I'm not trying to make money out of this and I have given away the odd image just 'cause I've been asked nicely. Is it that hard to ask nicely? I'd probably let them have it for a photocredit.
Eh and its myspace. Ew. Ick.

So I have some options.
Delete the image - and break my own link in my journal.
Put a different image in its place. Evil possibilities are endless, but I would possibly go with something pretty innocuous - a big watermark, or randomise the colours, or something.
Leave it be. What I didn't know didn't hurt me before.


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