March 17th, 2009


Wind chill factor

It's cold in the dungeon where they keep the transport monitoring team. Cold enough that I've usually wear a pashmina at my desk, and have seriously considered bringing in fingerless gloves.  To find out how cold, I brought in a cheap digital clock/calendar/thermometer thingy of dubious accuracy, and it's been reading a consistent 22.2 +/- 0.2 C, except when the disco backlight is turned on when it rockets up to 30-something.  I suspected that it's measuring the temperature caused by it's own internal resistance. This is one high class piece of equipment, I can tell you. 

To confirm my suspicions, I bought a small spirit thermometer, which has, surprise, surprise, been reading 21+/-1 C. This should be a comfortable temperature, but I'm still wearing my pashmina and my hands are cold ( its not just me - my colleagues are complaining too.)so either I have two inaccurate thermometers or something else is going on. 
I think  it might be the air-con creating enough of a breeze for it to be uncomfortable, and I need someone to persuade me not to spend ~$100 on a hobby weather station for the office.