January 22nd, 2009



Dreams of teeth falling out are apparently common and are often interpreted as a sign of anxiety, sometimes about aging (a pretty obvious interpretation if you ask me), sometimes  money. hilaire's post today reminded me of an odd one I had recently.

My upper teeth felt loose so I wiggled them with my fingers, and they came away - but not individually. The came out all in one piece, like a set of false teeth without the palate bit. They were also brown and streaked, like fossilised teeth and seemed too small for the space they'd come out of.  I was naturally a bit worried about this turn of events, but still, they were my teeth and I thought that I'd better keep them safe and  figure out a way of sticking them back in where they belonged. I experimentally explored my upper jaw, where they would need to go, fully expecting to find a row of holes or something pretty nasty - and found teeth.  So now I have two sets of teeth - one seemingly well anchored and serviceable set in my mouth and one in my hand, and I'm puzzling about what to do with the extra set, when I wake up.

For the  record, Hilaire, I've never had braces.