May 23rd, 2008

Sheep, meme

Battle scars

 A meme, nicked from micheinnz

Tell the story of a (non-surgical) scar you have somewhere on your body. Answer and tag three other bloggers.

(Except I'm not into the tagging thing; answer or don't as you so choose.)

Two notable ones - 

First: On the second toe of my left foot, where I delicately sliced it open with an axe while helping dad prune the oak tree. I was just swinging the axe idly,  deciding which bit of wood needed chopping up next, when I swung it an inch or so too low. It just kind of slid through the top of my sneaker, and, as it happend, the skin of my toe as well.  

Second: On my right elbow from where I skidded along the asphalt on it after coming off my bike. I was going full-tit through Hagley Park when a stupid bloody dog leapt out of the bushes and into my path. I hit it square amidships and flew over the handlebars. Stupid bloody owner of stupid bloody dog (neither of whom were on a leash) came over to where I was and said "good thing you were wearing a helmet". 
Well, yeah, except for the part where my head didn't hit the ground and I'd left a streak of elbow-skin down the path. 

I can remember being happy that I'd taken my handknitted-by-mum jersey off, because skin heals by itself, where jersies don't. And no, I don't know whether the dog was all right.