January 23rd, 2008


Attack of the blahs.

I'm feeling depressed. I'm trying to work out whether its external influences or bad brain chemistry or both.

Work is not good at the moment - I'm growing increasingly annoyed with my current project as it seems that the data needed to tie it all together is not available.  It may not yet exist. It may be prohibitively expensive to obtain.
I've said all along that obtaining this information is a part of the project that I have no expertise in and no interest in doing, but now I need it done before I can make any sensible decisions about the parts that I am interested in and am more than capable of doing. So I am spinning my wheels, and I am bored. I am also a bit worried that the project may fall through entirely.

I am also lonely. I seem to have quite a few acquaintances and no real friends here locally. I think this may be a huge part of the problem.

Enough of this. Is not helping.