July 17th, 2006


Diana in Wellywood.

Latest story is - the scooter was briefly back in the shop but has gone back to the studio. The film is apparently in the editing stage and the film-makers wanted the scooter just in case a re-shoot was called for........What the scooter dealer doesn't know is that while he's failing to deliver, more money is accumulating in my bank account, and I may take it to a different dealer who is offering a slightly higher-spec scooter. It's not red though - its a sort of latte-colour. Very urban. 

Well the money is kind of accumulating. I have a weakness.
What I went shopping for was a pair of flat-heeled tall boots. What I ended up with was these,  only in chocolate brown. It seems that they were designed for use in King Kong, and had to be comfortable enough to run in. I can vouch that they are.  

Seminar last weekend. I'm not sure what it is, but I have really been missing the style of training I used to do at my Christchurch dojo. Usual sensei doesn't seem to be seeing me in his classes. It's not that i'm not there, but I get a bit irritated that I am asked wether or not I can do high falls, when I have been doing them consistently.  There are other annoyances too, and I don't think that its all my own arrogance poking its ugly head up............

 Anyway, the seminar was excellent. A more experienced sensei, who's habits and attitude seem more in line with mine. (I am the centre of the universe, dammit!)

Midwinter christmas parties:  Organised by the delightful Lee, who brought home the christmas decorations from his work. 8 foot tall christmas trees, larger than life toy-soldiers, candelabras.............. It was terribly over the top, and great fun.

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