June 21st, 2006



For the first time in a very long while I am posting to my LJ have an entire flat of people that I like and want to do stuff with. Nothing against Geoff, but the rest of the crew at Solway Ave was pretty dire. I imagine its somewhat better now, even with the prematurely grey obsessive compulsive guy. Anyone know how that's working out?

Kirsty from the UK works incredibly long hours for Forest and Bird, knits things and has a tendency to cook large amounts of vegetarian stuff for everybody (remind you of anyone?). She has the ability that I very much admire, of being able to make friends just about instantly. 
Lee is a sweetie, and seems to appreciate my sense of humor, which is no mean feat. 
Tiffany is the blond baby of the flat - had her 21st birthday just a couple of weeks ago.

I have other things to write about - impending scooterage, the terrible VFEM, the way the rest of the country can be brought low by slightly extreme weather, while the Capital of Perpetual Breeziness hardly even notices (Wahh - I want a Snow Day) ............
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