March 21st, 2006


Missing dance buds.

I went out last Friday for St Pats with two of my flatmates and assorted of their friends. I then proceeded to get rather more drunk than I intended, as noone seemed interested in taking advantage of the great covers band at the pseudo-Irish pub, or the emptier spots on the dancefloor at the club we went to later. Add generalised boredom to the fact that one of the blokes was trying to impress (or something) one of the chicks by buying copious amounts of alcohol for anyone in the vicinity (why do guys do that? at club prices? does it ever actually work?) and, yeah I got a bit squiffy. That will do for about the next 18 months I think.

Was thinking about my leaving Christchurch night and wishing you guys were here.

I found another aikido class, which runs on Sunday and Monday, and trained to a standstill. There comes a point at which, if you're running on empty you start just reacting without thought. Which is a fabulous feeling if you've been training regularly and your reactions are sensible, and downright dangerous to yourself and your uke if you havn't. That's my excuse for piking out of jiuwaza anyway.

I'm still aching two days later and have a truly spectacular bruise on my arm.

I also think I may be getting a cold.
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