March 1st, 2006


Virtual Road Trip part deux

And the Town of the Day is Ross, on the west coast of the South Island. I've never been there, but it has a small amount of personal significance, as it is the town my Dad is named after. I forget what part of the family history occured there.

Civic events

'Twas 'Bike to Work Day' so I did, despite still not having my lowest gears[1]. This was not an issue going (downhill) to work, but will be in about ten minutes when I go home. Part of the entertainment provided in the city square was a rather groovy latin four piece who played various Cuban classics UCanDancers are probably familiar with. I don't know what salsa has to do with cycling, but they were really good. I also scored a banana, a coffee (trendily organic), a piece of cake and a protein shake. I also met Andy Reisinger, ex-physics bod.

[1]The lowest gears were not necessary in Christchurch, so I never realized how annoyingly broken they were.