February 27th, 2006


Virtual road trip

What I am doing at work at the moment is divide the state highway network into bite sized pieces using a GIS tool.
Sometimes I come accross places I've been to.

One such place is Rahotu on the coast east of Mt Taranaki, where the 'wind flows laminar off the sea'. I remember going to StarDates there, with a half-hundred amateur astronomers with telescopes of various origins and sizes, camped on the rugby club grounds. One year I took my 8", F9.5 Newtonian[1] down, on a trailer cushioned by an old innersprung mattress. With the 'scope set up, I dragged the mattress into my tent.......cushyest camping trip ever. ;)

[1] Think square box, 25cm x 25cm x 200 cm. Painted red and purple. Yes it required a ladder, but only a short one.