February 16th, 2006



I have located my dogi, washed and -ironed- my hakama and contacted a local dojo. I go to my first Aikido class in approximately two years tonight at 7pm. I am going to be so sore tomorrow :).

In other events, I have found I can cope with about 4.5 hours of this formal training per day. I'm getting about 6. My brain is full by afternoon tea time, and I'm going home mentally exhausted. Seems that the lunch ain't free. Still, being competent at this programming lark is doing good things for my ego I mean self esteem.

The Volvo Ocean Race leaders are due in around lunchtime. They were supposed to arrive last night. There is a view of half the harbour from this building (another building is in the way). We might get to see them coming in.

ETA : Just saw the first two Volvo boats come in! So fast, and neck and neck!