Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

It's been forty years.

In today's poetry fishbowl, ysabetwordsmith, prompted by janetmiles , celebrates the the invention of the mouse.........

Pointing the Way

It began as a block of wood
with one red button
and a wire connecting it to the computer.
Underneath, two wheels
tirelessly measured the X and the Y.

It evolved,
smoothing its shape
to meet the user’s need.
It learned to scamper on one spherical foot.
Buttons divided and multiplied.

Today it is different yet again,
gliding silently on a tread of scarlet light,
wireless and sleek.

For forty years it’s been pointing the way.
Not feline claws, but clever human hands,
refined the form of this mouse.

The theme for today was science and its stories, and Elizabeth has produced a spectacular crop of poems, many of which have been sponsored for your enjoyment. wcg, I posted a link to one of your recent vignettes as a prompt, and the result is here.
My favourite, and I think I'm not alone is this one.
Tags: poetry, technology
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