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Surreptitious course snapshot

It was a good day for being inside. No, I did not spend all of it gazing idly out the window. I now know something about project management, and have a certificate wot says so. The piece of paper on the desk in the foreground? Is a Dilbert cartoon, yes.

ETA: There was one experience that was just fascinating. I got to spend several minutes (it seemed longer, because it was just before lunch) watching ordinary people, that is people who aren't scientists, engineers or programmers, solve a complex scheduling problem by hand using post-it notes and pencil lines. The point of the exercise was to understand what project-management software tools actually did under the covers, so I judged it better for me to stand back and let them work through it than for me to push forward and just solve the damn problem.
It brought home to me -again- that my habits of thought are rare and unusual. I have a tendency to forget this.
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