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I am bound and determined to show you my city, sometimes a few square centimetres at a time.

In unrelated news I have had a successful evening's impulse shopping session. Many of my favourite items of clothing have been bought on impulse.
I have acquired
  1. a pair of knee high black leather boots which actually fit around my calves and cost less than a week's pay. Knee high boots are a staple of the female public service wardrobe, to the point where you'd think you'd stumbled on a citywide invasion of amateur dommes in the middle of winter here.
  2. a copy of Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver. I had to take the library's copy back with 200 pages left to go, as the automated overdue-notification voice was getting peevish at me and the book was on reserve for someone else. Great book, but not a quick read. Maybe I'll get to finish it this time.
Tags: urban, vegetation
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