Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Old haunt

Monday, my flight back to Welly wasn't til 7pm, my hosts had jobs to attend to and I was at a loose end, so I went and visited my old department. I aimed for 10ish - 10:30 being morning tea time. I was a bit apprehensive - last time I was here I was in the process of failing a Ph.D. and I left without saying goodbye to my old mate Graeme. Not one of my best moves, and one I've been feeling a bit guilty about.
I needn't have worried.
It's a bit scary how little the place has changed, and I was greeted as though I'd only been away for a week. I had coffee with a selection of academics and technicians, talked about real time traffic modelling about which none of us knew anything really. Graeme was there - I was worried that he'd have retired. He said I was looking well, I accused him of harassment - an old joke between us.

The roof keys were exactly where they were when I left too, in the glass fronted cabinet in the smaller astronomy grads room so I helped myself.

This would be north-west Christchurch (which is a bit flatter than Wellington) and then across the Canterbury Plains to the Southern Alps, which are unfortunately lost in the haze. You can see their effect on the weather, though, in the form of a bit of a Nor-west arch.
Tags: architecture, christchurch
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