Villiers (dianavilliers) wrote,

Meta meme

Via ysabetwordsmith

1. What's the first thing you do when you go on
I check my recent posts for comments.

2. About how many people read your LJ?
Twenty-seven people have me listed as their friend. About five comment regularly, another seven or so occasionally. I also have a small collection of LJ friends who post using the Cyrillic alphabet, and may be reluctant to comment on an English-speaking blog. I'd guess about 10 to 15 people look at my posts regularly.

3. Why did you start a LJ?
To keep in touch with friends.

4. Ever met a LJ friend in RL?
Yes, but she wasn't an LJ friend at that time. I first encountered her else-net.

5. Do you tell everyone about your LJ?
Not everyone. Just people I trust.

6. Since when do you have your Journal?
2006-02-07 06:48:55. Spurious accuracy is spurious.

7. How often do you post something?
About once a day, for the past year.

8. Do you like the fun stuff (like the memes)?
Yeah, some of them.

9. What's missing from your LJ?
An answer to this question.
Seriously, a better search function would be useful.

10. Seriously, are you addicted?
I think I'd have to say yes here.
Tags: meme
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