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60 Watt crown silver incandescent .
The light fittings above my bed unattractively stick straight out of the wall.  After investigating various lampshade options - there seemed to be a choice of pug-ugly or way too expensive - I chose to stick unshaded crown silver bulbs in them. These are ordinary light bulbs where the top half has been coated with silver so almost all the light gets reflected back towards the base of the bulb, so they don't glare out into the room, but throw the light back onto the wall. I quite like the effect.
The transition between silvered and not-silvered glass also makes an effective neutral density filter, which let me photograph the filament in situ.
I don't  know what I'll replace them with if the government makes compact fluorescents mandatory. There's no equivalent for the crown silver bulbs.
Tags: light and magic, technology
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