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Capital Adventures
June 30th, 2008
08:40 pm
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Bibliophile pit trap

The bargain bin outside Unity Books, a rare and precious independent bookstore, situated cunningly alongside a busy bus-stop.
To date, I have been caught by
  •  Rose Collins.  Colonel Barker's Monstrous Regiment. Virago 2001. I strongly suspect that Terry Pratchett has also read this book. 
  • I.B.Cohen. The Triumph of Numbers: How counting shaped modern life.  Norton 2005.  Florence Nightingale was not just about the lamp, but a pioneer in the field of graphical data presentation.
  • Adrian Goldsworthy. Roman Warfare. Phoenix 2007. Is next on the to be read pile beside the bed, but has great pictures.
  • and some trashy romance novel, the name of which I have thankfully forgotten. It was notable only in that it was populated entirely by gay men. It was otherwise as completely insipid as its straight counterparts.
Hm. Only four. I have immense self control.

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